Satellite Sounds Mobile Audio RecordingSatellite Sounds Recording was founded in New Haven, CT. Below are other businesses serving the same area.

Music Shops

  • Audubon Strings is New Haven's shop to buy, sell, consign, and appraise fine bows, violins, violas, cellos, and gambas. They also repair and restore fin instruments.
  • Brians Guitars in Hamden, CT offers an online catalog of their guitars guitar equipment.
  • Satellite Sounds has worked with The Composer's Choir which provides opportunities for composers across the country to have their works performed and recorded.


  • Preparing for your Recording Session - Check out our article on to prepare yourself for your recording session.

Furniture & More

  • Universal Hotel Liquidators' CT furniture store has provided incredible deals on beds, tables, chairs, couches and much more. For complete room packages, check them out!

Business Services

  • The web developers at 3PRIME have been very helpful in managing websites for businesses in CT and throughout the US since 2005.
  • When it comes to getting more traffic and visibility CT SEO company SpiderGourmet is the most affordable and thorough service provider we have heard of.
  • When it comes to commercial roofing in CT, no company has the reputation that has been nurtured by Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation.